Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Playboy December 1994 - Simony

The ex-girl prodigy of the Magic Balloon Simony naked for the first time, she grew up and shows on the pages of Playboy magazine all her beauty, only 18 years old at the time of rehearsal. A girl who became a woman, according to Paulinho Nogueira.

Born in São Paulo on July 1, 1976, she is an actress, singer and Brazilian presenter, notorious for being a former member of the Class of the Magic Balloon, an attraction presented by her during the TV Globo mornings between 1983 and 1986, selling more than 10 million records. Simony is currently a married housewife with a former chairman and lives as a sub-celebrity.

Playboy December 1994 - Simony

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Playboy December-January - Gabriela Rippi naked

Gabriela Rippi is another famous social network that was naked on the cover of Playboy Magazine. She's one more star in the hall of hot nudes who are not getting paid for Playboy. The photos were clicked on in Buzios / RJ by Franco Amendola. We put the digital photos! Check out.

Famous in social networks for her cheerful way, Gabriela Rippi shows a sensual side that does not appear on Instagram or Snapchat. Gabi has more than a million followers on Instagram and an average audience of 95,000 for each video posted on Snapchat. "There are some people who are outraged and criticizes me: 'How can a girl who does nothing can have so many followers?' But I do not know the answer either. "

Playboy December-January - Gabriela Rippi naked

Monday, March 12, 2018

Playboy January - Taiana Camargo

Taiana Camargo, former lover of dojo Alberto Youssef, is the cover and the stuffing of Playboy of January of 2015. To begin well the New Year the hot brunette was naked and surrounded dollars. Taiana is 30 years old, has worked as a parliamentary adviser and even won restaurants of the generous lover (that's it, in the plural, it seems that it was more than one). The photos of the brunette are at least provocative. She appears in lingerie, lying on a bed on several dollar bills.

Taiana Camargo loved the doleiro until he was arrested. She was raised to fame after her testimony in the Federal Police. Open Youssef was the pivotal of the scandal that resulted in Operation Lava-Jet and a series of arrests of businessmen and government officials. Enough of scandal corruption and let's research that really matters: Taiana Camargo's sensual essay naked in Playboy.

Playboy Magazine April - Luana Piovani naked

See photos of Luana Piovani naked on the cover of Playboy Magazine in April 2016. The actress, who turns 40 in August and is the mother of three children, said she accepted the invitation this time because the magazine's concept "has changed."

The return edition of the magazine will also feature interviews with soccer player Neymar Jr. and model Lea T, a report on Wakaliwood, a peripheral stronghold in Uganda where ultra-violet and low-budget films are produced, and texts by columnists Alexandre Borges, Juliana Frank, Luana Piovani (cover) and Mauro Beting.

Playboy December - Mysterious Paparazzo

The Mysterious Paparazzo is the "Playboy" star of December and, consequently, will print the last edition of the magazine in Brazil by Editora Abril.

Recently the true identity of the character was revealed: Luh Ferreira, a gaucho model. The personage was presented photographing names like the actor Antônio Fagundes, the actress Fiorella Mattheis and other personalities.

And she promises to cause in her essay: "I want a memorable rehearsal. Something that surpasses the trials of Tiazinha and sorceress. Just like them, I'm joining a select group of stars. I came to make history! " The photos of Lu Ferreira were made by Ricardo Corrêa. The photographer mixed colored images with black and white and showed the sensual side of the blonde who is actually brunette for the pages of Playboy magazine.

Playboy December - Mysterious Paparazzo

Playboy Abril - Leticia Wiermann

Check out the long-awaited Playboy by Leticia Wiermann daughter of José Luiz Datena naked in the April issue. Not really so naked, because her Playboy was the softest of recent times, with few scenes of nudity, bringing a more artistic essay than nude itself.

When "Playboy" announced that the model would be on the cover of its next edition, presenter Datena was quick to say that "When Leticia told me, I was against it, but she is the boss in her life. Resolved to do and I, democratically, accepted. "
Playboy Abril – Leticia Wiermann

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Playboy July - Renata Longaray naked

Check out now Renata Longaray naked, the reporter from the state of the Faustão Domingão will be featured in the new edition of Playboy. Undoubtedly the best of the year so far, no shadows and no dark shots, no bare-breasted woman as we want to see.

"This was my first naked essay and I loved the result. I am a journalist and when I went to entertainment I still had an image of being very serious. The magazine is going to be this turn, "said the cat. Renata Longaray is 28 years old, has been a model, graduated in administration and journalism. Since last year, the muse is a reporter for the "Domingão do Faustão".